Our charity “Anti Noise”; whose name and original concept was born primarily out of a London based demonstration campaign against noise pollution, though our values and aims as a charity have grown over the past ten years; was founded in 2006 by Mr John Szepietowski and was setup to provide free information and access to private, academic or otherwise non prominent industrial based research, about the rising and steadily increasing volumes of pollution (including noise pollution) in our atmosphere, water supply and other local environments as a direct result of the mutli billion pound aviation industry (where companies regularly ignore their Corporate Responsibilities, or support projects in foreign countries to show they do “something: corporately responsible without addressing the problems they directly cause here at home in the UK), with a particular focus on London Heathrow Airport, London Gatwick Airport, City of London Airport and the surrounding areas.

As Anti Noise is a charity we do not benefit from any form of funding, either by any private firms or other background funding, nor do we benefit from any government funding. As a charity all of our expenses and running costs are covered by generous donations received from members of the public, like yourself, any spare funds we have left at the end of the Financial period are donated to those organisations who try to deal with the fallout of the aviation industry.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr John Szepietowski for his numerous and generous donations over the past 11 years, as well as his continued support which allows us to continue to offer our services through this, the official Anti Noise website.

More about Mr John Szepietowski, John is a successful property developer and investor who believes that there should be an accelerated and coordinated effort from not only British scientists and industry professionals, but also the British public, into reducing the noise and pollution that aircrafts emits into the atmosphere which can have a devestating effect on us all, not counting the numerous wildlife issues such as animal displacement due to new flight paths or runways. John Szepietowski is also an avid supporter of animal charities, please click here to visit Dogs are Loved We hope that this website will be useful and informative for those interested in fighting anti noise campaigns.

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